Convert Xvid To Xvid with p=480 and split

Hi there , i’m new here and i hope you could help me with my problem that i got.

The thing is that i do “hard sub” i place a sub title in a xvid movie
and i convert it in the same format , my problem is that i use the program Gspot to show me the info of the movie i would like to convert once again and sometimes some of the movies have parameters like :

1 vid frame (42 ms), p=480 Split: No

i dont know what p=480 mean and i dont know how to define it once again in the new convert or the split yes or no option.

i use the program Virtual Dub version 1.5.3 build 16297 and a codec of XviD-1.0-RC3 from -29/02/2004

i hope someone could show me where to define those stuff.

thanks in advance.


What happens if you encode it straight off with subs (you’ll notice decreased quality, that’s for sure).

yeah as you said i will notice a decrease in the quality