Convert x freezes!

Hey guys, i installed 2.2.2 beta and it lags right from the begining, i cant even add video files. My cpu temp is okay. I even tried an older version and get the same result…

a little help please…


Try DVD Flick and see if you get any joy…


Here’s what I would do.

Uninstall ConvertXtoDVD.

Clean out the registry (HKLM and HKCU) regarding ConvertXtoDVD.

Reboot and reinstall 100% fresh !

your crappy dvdflick site helps me how???

thanks cougar, I,ll try cleaning the registry

It does the same thing as ConvertXtoDVD and was suggested to see if it was the software that was at fault or the user. Good luck

The link was wrong…try this one:

Nice attitude for someone asking for help by the way.

EDIT: I can’t edit the post with the bad link, but I can edit this one…wonder why?


I think you are aloud to edit just for a certain period.

After that, you can’t edit no more !

Had the same issue :a

Let’s see if cleaning the registry, and reinstalling FRESH helps, since older version would also cause him issues !

…and no response, imagine that.

The world may never know if either suggestion worked cougar. :slight_smile:


Maybe he formated his hard drive, and can’t get back on the net :confused: :bigsmile: