Convert x dvd prob please help

im trying to convert a bunch of vob files off the same movie from ntsc r1 to pal r2 - ive put em all in xdvd prog and went to convert and its saying index out of range (02) what does this mean

please help

Hi there,

Please provide us a Full Log.

You can get the latest version of ConvertXtoDVD here:

What version are you using ?

I suggest you download ConvertXtoDVD, it is my favorite

It will convert your video files to the dvd format readable by all standard dvd players, then burn automatically to DVD!

it is easy to use, fast and it works! give it a try, you’ll love it

  1. Download AVI/MPEG to DVD Converter here:

It can convert any video file… like wmv, mpeg, asf, mp4, avi to dvd

  1. Add or drag-n-drop as many video files as the DVD can handle

  2. Insert blank DVD

  3. Click “Convert”

  4. Enjoy watching those video files on your home DVD player! =)

Good Luck