Convert WPL to MP3

I have searched google and I can’t find a trusted source/software to convert a WPL file to MP3.
I can play the file with Windows Media Player, but I can’t import WPL into OnBase to store the file. I need to change it to MP3, wav, avi in order to be able to access it from OnBase.

A WPL file is a playlist referring to audio files, but not itself an audio file.So you would need to convert the audio file or files it refers to. You should be able to look inside the WPL file with a text editor (e,g, Notepad on Windows) and see the referenced file(s),

Hey Drage…
I looked and it shows as an MP3.
At work I’m always getting in evidence files that have all sorts of weird video/audio. I really need to find a good all converter that will work with multiple different file types, that is safe enough for me to load on a work computer.