Convert wmv to dvd playable on stand alone dvd player

I have come across a website (Video on Demand) where I can purchase some of there videos. The issue is that they are all in WMV format. My Sony stand alone DVD Player does not specify that it will play WMV files. How do I burn these WMV file movies into a format which I can play in my stand alone player? If I have to convert the files, to what do I convert them to, and which free converter do you recommend?
Thanks for your assistance.

You convert them to DVD structure…DVDFlick, AVStoDVD come to mind…

Some sites that sell .wmv videos have DRM embedded in them to prevent copying or transcoding. Best determine whether that is the case before purchasing.

Thanks for the information. I know about DVDFab and DVD Shrink, do you think that once converted they may be of assistance to me?

No, if the .wmv files are not encrypted, the free programs that t0nee1 mentioned will produce a finished dvd video of the correct size to fit onto a blank dvd.

All you have to do at that point is burn to a disk, and both of those programs can be set up to use ImgBurn automatically.
ImgBurn is also free, and highly recommended.

Thanks again for the information. If the files are drm protected can I erase the drm protection?

I’m not too well informed on .wmv protection these days, but you might try the trial of Tunebite Platinum to remove the drm added to your files.

I sure do appreciate the assistance.

i usually pop mine into roxio or nero to burn them to dvd or i use sony dvd architech or vegas to burn them. there are alot of program out there to do what you are looking to do. these just work best for me.

Thanks for the assistance