Convert wmv file for burning

I’m using PhotoStory3, but it defaults every video to be saved as a .wmv file. There are no other options in the drop down menu when I save. Is it possible to convert it another way so that I can import a storyline into my DVD Burner program (currently I am using PowerProducer).

I take it that PowerProducer won’t convert the .wmv files from PhotoStory? Looking at their site, it says PowerProducer can only use .wmv files that can be randomly accessed, so I assume PhotoStory isn’t making videos that meet this requirement.

You could buy the Sonic plug-in for PhotoStory ($19.99) and work entirely within PhotoStory 3 to make your video and burn to dvd. That’s one solution and probably the simplest.

Or you could try converting the .wmv over to mpeg2/dvd before importing to PowerProducer. You’d have to make sure the mpeg2 is compliant to dvd specifications. SUPER is a free video conversion program that should be able to do this, but no guarantees.

The SUPER site isn’t easy to navigate but hit the “Start downloading SUPER” link at the bottom of the page, then the “download and use” link on the next one and you’ll get to the actual page that allows you to download the program.

Thanks I’ll give it a try! :slight_smile: