Convert WAV/WMA/CD to MP3 (and vice versa?)

Is there any decent software out there that will let me copy my WAV/WMA files to MP3 format. Thought that Nero could, but my version ( now comes up with ‘disc corrupt’ (which it isn’t - I’ve tried it on other trial downloads and it’s fine). Got a 'flash’message on Nero as well about time expired (after converting 22 files) Anything to do with having an OEM version? I’ve got Easy CD Creator, but only basic so that won’t do anything. Sony Sonic Stage not much help either.

Freeware would be nice, but if no decent freeware what’s worth the money?

ps - I also need a new writer - I had a disc explode in my old Samsung - still works but I need to shake it every now and then - do any decent writers come with relevant software to allow conversion to MP3?

Any help very much appreciated


Have you tried EAC? It’s freeware and a very handy tool…:slight_smile:

CD --> MP3 (EAC using LAME)
CD --> WAV (EAC can do it by itself)
CD --> WMA (May be possible depending on installed audio codecs)
MP3 --> CD (Nero)
MP3 --> WAV (WinAMP + Diskwriter plugin)
MP3 --> WMA (WinAMP + Diskwriter plugin)
WAV --> MP3 (LAME)
WAV --> CD (Nero)
WAV --> WMA (WinAMP + Diskwriter plugin/WMP)
WMA --> CD (Nero?)
WMA --> MP3 (WinAMP + Diskwriter plugin)
WMA --> WAV (WinAMP + Diskwriter plugin)