Convert VOB files to 1 AVI file

I have a DVD disc with a movie burned on it and it used NTSC format:(, which I ripped to my Hard Drive.
Now I have a VIDEO_TS folder with numerous .BUP, .IFO, AND VOB files in it.
They are numbered_01_0, 01_1, 02_0, 02_2 and so on.:confused:
Now I want to convert this movie into one .AVI file that can be either played on PC or burned as data to another DVD disc.
How do I do this? :confused:
Any help appreciated

AVIDeMux is a tool I use for such things. Just drag one of the VOB files onto it and it will find the rest. It does XviD, H.264, MPEG and a lot of other formats.

There are quite a few free choices for this process. AviDemux, as olyteddy has already mentioned is a good one.

A couple of others would be Handbrake and AutoGK.

i use โ€˜Gordian Knotโ€™ myself. (basically itโ€™s the manual version of AutoGK. you got more control this way)

not super easy to use but once you learn the basics on using it, it works pretty well :wink:

p.s. i am going to check out that AVIDemux program as it seems like it might be good.