Convert Video_TS file to avi or other format?




I have been searching all day but cant find an answer anywhere.
I want to view a dvd on tv but it has no dvd player. I can view mpeg 4 and avi that i have on my external drive when i connect it to the tv.

But the file with Video-TS shows up empty on tv. Is there a way to convert it?


Why cant you convert that dvd movie to mpeg 4 format?


No idea…probably doing something wrong with AVS video converter maybe??
I never downloaded a dvd before and never tried converting it. I add the file to avs converter,see them in the list, clicked Mpeg-2,changed NTS to PAL (but tried the other options as well and also AVI , then click convert and very quickly it says done. But the file is still empty.


In these forums, we encourage our members to discuss backing up copyright protected materials that they own. Or shifting formats for their own use. But downloading copyright protected materials without permission of the copyright owners is not a subject for discussion here.

In this particular case, we have no evidence that the DVD in question is an illegal download, so this discussion can continue. There are many videos available online that are perfectly legal to download and convert.

So my advice is to get a free video conversion program called VidCoder if you wish to convert a DVD-video to mpg4 (H264).

If you would prefer an avi using xvid codec instead of H264, I would suggest using AutoGK, or VideotoVideo. Both of those are free to use.

If your tv can play mpeg2 it would be much faster to use a program called Vob2mpg. There would be no loss of quality either. But you don’t mention whether your tv can play that format. Vob2mpg has a free version that would work perfectly well, or there is an alternative free program called DVDVob2mpg, which works in a similar fashion.

I’m assuming you are starting with DVD-video, since it is contained within a Video_TS folder (not a file). You’ll need the entire DVD-video structure, which means this Video_TS folder containing all the .vob, .bup and .ifo files.


there are so many choices at Even the DVD is copy protected, it can be converted to AVI or MPEG4 for viewing on TV if you get a powerful DVD ripper.