Convert Video DVD to DVD_VR

I need to convert a Video DVD to DVD-VR. I bought a new digital recorder (PVR), didn’t keep it and I have a few DVDs of shows I taped that I want to copy onto my old PVR to remove the commercials. Unfortunately the new recorder saved the disks as Video-DVD and my old recorder uses DVD-VR.

Is there any way I can convert the Video-DVD disks to DVD-VR? I have Nero 6.x, AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. The old PVR won’t copy Video-DVDs (will only play) but can copy DVD-VR to the hard drive so that’s the format I need to convert to.

Thanks in advance.

Copy the data to hdd, then edit out the commercials there.

Ulead MovieFactory 6 says it can export to DVD-VR and DVD+VR.
There must be others, I’m sure.

agomes: I hope so sigh

Some manufacturers provide -VR drivers for their drives, eg. Pioneer.

Thanks chef. I guess what I need is pretty much either a way to convert the formats or at least maybe a program that will allow me to dump/rip the video-dvd disk and make it into a dvd-vr hopefully w/o re-encoding and losing quality.