Convert VCD with CCE SP 2.6

Tools required - Latest versions of:

AviScript (Lite or Fullversion)
AviSynth 2.52 or higher (not 2.0 !) - Freeware
Cinema Craft Encoder CCE SP 2.67 (or 2.50) or CCE Basic 2.67
NEW eclCCE (only for user of CCE SP 2.67 Trial !)

Here is the guide that shows how to convert VCD with CCE SP 2.6

Thanks for that. I have tried DVD2SVCD using Avisynth 2 and 2.5 with CCE a number of times and the results are always quite poor quality compared to a TMPGenc encode. CCE is best suited to the higher bitrates of MPEG 2 streams rather than the low MPEG1 bitrates. With TMPGenc, it more the other way around.

the avi script lite says it’s only for max 10min video length…anyway to crack this?

Yes, buy the full version, its only 19 Euro’s.

i cant buy that… i dont have a credit card…i’m still a minor…

btw, i tried using it using the lite version…but when i tried preview

as said in the tutorial

"Select video output size in Output-Resize: to create VCD: use VCD in PAL (Europe) or NTSC (USA), ratio 4:3 or optionally with 16:9 borders (not standard ratios can also be converted using any userdefined bordersize).

Click to PreView."

i done all this but after clicking preview

i get a warning message avisynth serves no video output
[1] Check correct Avisynth installation
[2] Run [Diagnosis] in tools

i tried uninstalling them all and reinstalling all even the codecs while trying different versions of Avisynth 2.54, 2.55 and 2.56alpha version but still the same…

Mr. Chickenman…do you have another method to do this?

Have a read in the Tutorial section,

CCE makes pretty crappy VCD’s IMHO, stay with TMPGenc for VCD’s and CCE for anything MPEG2.

even if using this it’s still crappy?


Here is the guide that shows how to convert VCD with CCE SP 2.6


how about mainconcept? is it faster and produces good quality? any tutorial for this?thanks

Mainconcept is pretty fast, never used it for VCD so not sure if its faster or slower than CCE, but all reports I read suggests its almost as fast. Quality is a notch down on what TMPGEnc produces, but if that is not an issue then test it out.