Convert VCD to DVD




I just received some material that is in VCD format but unfortunately my DVD player does not support this format.

Can anyone tell me an easy way to convert VCD to DVD?



Try this method.


The problem is that my VCD does not have any MPEG files, which DVD Lab requires.

It only has .DAT files.

AVSEQ01.DAT through AVSEQ15.DAT files

Any other recommendation?



As set out in the tutorial linked above, you need to extract the mpeg files from the AVSEQ**.DAT files first-

[I]For best result, you need to extract the DAT or MPG files off your CDR’s as a true MPG file. Use IsoBuster ( by right clicking the AVSEQ01.DAT or .MPG file and selecting “Extract but filter only M2F2 mpeg frames”.


JW…does convertXtoDVD work on vcd to dvd???