Convert VCD to DVD

I have Nero 7 Ultra. IHMO, Nero has some of the worst help files I’ve ever seen in any program and one of the least user-friendly interfaces and least user friendly site. If I didn’t already know a whole lot about 'puters and have this resource and other people who burn CDs all the time, I’d be completely lost. What is it with them? Thanks for letting me rant.

Anyhow, I have a VCD that I want to convert to DVD format. Can this be done and what information do you need about the files on the VCD disc to help me?
I don’t know what program created the VCD.


You can’t improve the quality of the movie by doing this so why on earth would you want to?

My DVD player can’t play it, only my computer can, and I want to watch it on TV. Plus, I’m putting it goody bags for a party I’m having and I want everyone to be able to view it on their TVs.

You wanna spread the content of a VCD … VCDs are usually not even downloadable from serious sources.

I know where you’re going with this . . . and thank you. Seriously, thank you for being concerned.

The CDs and DVDs/VCDs I burn and share are not downloaded content. They are audience recordings of Yes concerts that we fans trade freely among ourselves and of which the band is aware. Actually, the VCD format is pretty rare for the things we trade. We’re not talking infected content. I’ve been around geek forums long enough – I don’t P2P, EVER!

Regarding instructions you may offer, or questions you ask, I should have added to my post that I’m pretty much of a geek, with the excepton of create/rip/burn thing, which is new to me.


Why don’t you buy a DVD Player that supports the VCD playback.
You can only copy a VCD.

Too expensive, and not worth it for the number of VCDs I deal with. The one we have is only a year and a half old.

So, there’s no way to do it in Nero, and there’s nothing out there that does it? No freeware, shareware, nothing?


Actually there is a way however, it takes a while to do this.
Try copying the avseq01.dat file (from the Mpegav folder on the disk) to your hard drive, then, rename the avseq01.dat too avseq01.mpg in other
words, change the extention of the file to mpeg then there are a few
programs that can transfer the avseq01 file to DVD. Programs like:

1Click DivxToDVD link:
Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 link:

Another good source for this type of question is;29#3;29

Since you have Nero Ultra, have you tried importing it in a Vision Express project? If that should work, surely you can export/re-encode it as a DVD (don’t know how that will affect the quality though).

Ooops… :wink:

See this thread.

vcdgear would be a help. :wink:

Thank you all for your help. Nero vision did the trick. I created a DVD from the VCD using Nero Vision. It plays in my DVD player and looks fine. Menus and everything! Who knew!

Well, I got curious too and dug up an old SVCD. Started NeroVision Express -> Make DVD -> DVD-Video -> Import Disc and it puts a nice .mpg file on your hard disk. With this you can do anything you want. The automatic quality settings for transcoding to DVD weren’t very impressive though, so depending on how good the source material is, I suggest you set it to 2-Pass VBR encoding at least.

Looks like you’ll get to like Nero after all. :bigsmile:

Oh, bother and HELP!

Tried to copy the DVD I created using Nero burning ROM. Gazzillions of read error – every 16 bits. I think. I saved the log. What does this mean? Should I try reading it again using the newer LG burner instead of the older Lite-on DVD rom drive? Should I try to create more original DVDs using the Vision like I did the first time? I think the whole thing plays okay, but I’m not sure – I’ve only watched parts of each part. The stuff on here comes from really really old tape and film originally – 30 - 37 years. [The quality is iffy, but the vids are priceless}

[Of course, I waited until now – these and CDs have to be ready for saturday to put into goody bags for a party]

Create an image of the dvd using dvddecrypter and burn it onto another DVD with DVDDecrypter or Imgburn.

Another program? Why? How will that help with unrecoverable read errors.

If neither the LiteOn nor the LG can read back the DVD you made, you’ll have to repeat the whole process and make a new one I’m afraid. Didn’t you do a Transfer Rate Test to check it was OK after you burned it? You can also put the output of NeroVision on your hard disk, either as video files or as an image for burning later. That way you don’t have to make the copies from an actual disc.

No, I didn’t do a TRT on the DVD after I created it from the VCD in Nero :doh:

I was, however, smart enough to save the project to the hard disk :smiley:

I’m going to watch it and make sure it watches okay. Then, I’ll try the copy wiht Nero Burning ROM again using the other drive. If THAT doesn’t work, I’ll start burning with Vision from the project file I made. It took a really long time to burn, but . . . oh, well.

Thanks for responding. I may have some ?? later on about the settings to create the DVD in Vision. I knew enough to select NTSC and a slow burn speed, but there were other settings, I think . . .