Convert vcd to dvd using dvd-lab pro

can anyone help me guide thru how to convert vcd to dvd using dvd-lab pro.the tutorial only show from svcd to dvd not vcd to dvd, i put in my vcd the program does not recognise it. someone on this website recommend me to use this dvd-lab program!!!

dvd lab pro ? cant say i have used that to convert vcd to dvd
but i hope this helps

the vcd should be made up of 4 file ( EXT / MPEGAV / SEGMENT / VCD )
this is an easy way to make your dvd
get a program called winavi once you have it do the following

  1. open it up and click on DVD

  2. ( select files ) if the vcd is on your computer then find it and open up the MPEGVA folder inside there should be something like this ( AVSEQ01.DAT ) select it and click on open / do the same if you have your vcd on cd

  3. now select your output directory ( jsut make a folder on your desk top for now to save it in ) & select output format DVD

  4. where you see output format there should be an advanced tab click on that

  5. set it up how ever you want it ( example - output quality / chapter lenght ect ect ) once done click ok

  6. click on ok again and let it convert

once its done use something like dvd santa or nero to burn it to a dvd