Convert vcd to dvd. Please help!

Please help me, i want to convert vcd to dvd. i got a long vcd series which is one episode per vcd disc,i would like to convert say about three or four episodes or vcd disc into one dvd if possible, i not fuss about the quality of picture or sound and does not have to have menu either, as long as it work, thank you. i have dvd shrink,nero,alcohol 120 that the only program i got at the moment.
kindly appreciate your help.

Not sure but I think you can put VCD files onto a DVD and play it like a DVD without actually converting the files into DVD Compliant files. Should be able to get hours of footage on one DVD

Thanks for your time,help.appreciate it.i look thru that website it sound very technical and i’m not very good at computer and technical stuff, plus that software is not cheap, i know it’s sound stupid but any free software i can use or with what i got like alcohol or nero or dvd shrink. silly ha, but thanks once again.

If you are new and not familiar with the terms, go to . “The lord helps those who help themselves”. You will find anything you need to know at that web site, including terminology.

I use svcd2dvd. Try the demo to see if it does what you want want. I’ve found it to more than worth the money; its simple and its fast. You don’t have to do any re-encoding, just add your files.


I have exactly the same question. Did you manage to find a easy solution?

Try SVCD2DVD it works for me!

i download svcd2dvd demo version, which does not work may be the trial version does not work may be need to buy the proper version, but thanks anyway