Convert Tivo File without using Tivo desktop

Does anyone know a way convert Tivo Files without using Tivo desktop. IS there a program that I can use to convert my old tivo files. I no longer have my Tivo unit.

I assume you already have the files on the computer hard drive then? You might be able to do this with VideoReoDo TV Suite. This is not a free program, but there is a fully functional trial available for download.

Look through this guide:
It assumes you are starting from the Tivo unit, but if you already have them in a folder on the hard drive, this guide should still be helpful.

Here´s a guide to de-gunking tivo files…which are essentially mpeg files anyway.
The main bit is the Direct Show Filter Dump…which is free :slight_smile:

Hi, I tried videoredo. the extension on the file is .tivo and videoredo does not see the file?

Hmm, look in VideoReDo Tools–>Options, then look under File Types. Make sure the box for .tivo has a check mark in it.

Or try Deanimator’s solution.

I’ll check both out.
and let you know later, what happen.
Thanks so far for your reply’s