Convert & sync videos

[qanda]This thread is about the Microsoft Zune 30GB, Brown. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Good Morning,

I just got a Zune 30GB Ver 3.1, went Googling for a converter and downloaded “Free Zune Video Converter Ver 1.0 Feb 29 2008 Jacek Pazera”.

The reviews were all 4 and 5 stars with a single 1 star rating, the “Free” part was attractive too.

I converted about a dozen TV episodes (all from Bit Torrent) and manually added them to the Zune video playlist.

All the file sizes went from about 175Kb to about 95Kb so I assume they were converted from AVI to WMV.

I selected one episode and clicked “sync to Meron” from the context menu.

The little orbs started to migrate to the Zune icon and a progress bar appeared.

I did not notice any progress on the progress bar.

When that activity stopped (the orbs) I unplugged the Zune, selected videos and got “no items”.

I did the same thing 2 more times with the same “no items” result.

I did a “reset” on the Zune, tried again and got the same message.

I uninstalled / reinstalled the zune software, got the same thing as above.

Do you guys think it’s the converter, the Zune software, an overlooked step in the Zune software or a loose nut at the keyboard?

Thank You,