Convert Sony U18a to Lite-on 812s

I’ve heard the Sony U18a DVD drive is the oem version of the Lite-on 812s. Does anyone know how to convert the Sony yet???

I converted mine (and back again) using the flasher program on the polish site, which seems to be down, and then the liteon flasher to US0A. You can then go back to a sony if you backup the firmware with LtnFW.exe before starting.

Doesn’t seem to be any advantage in doing this though if bit setting is still not working, hopefully will be useful when it gets fixed, or when a 8x for all firmware is released for the 812s :stuck_out_tongue:

please can you send me this flasher. my email address is I would be very greatful, thanks

Patch the US0A flasher with FlashFix.


I did as you said and dragged the usoa.exe into the Flash Fix window but received the message

Couldn’t Find Bytes To Patch
Please restore Backup

What am i doing worng?

I’ve emailed you the latest 812s firmware and flasher (I extracted the .bin from my drive), make sure you backup your original firmware so you can go back.

Hans, could you possible send me the bin for the 812 as well? Maybe one of us could then pass it on to dhc014 so he can post it on his site. Thanks.

np, check your email :slight_smile:

I’ve already got the binaries, I just haven’t had time to upload them all yet.

Thanks Hans! Will convert my drive now.

Mission accomplished. Sony DRU-18A now shown as LDW-812S in all applications.


I’ve tried using the flasher in XP but it closes almost immediately after being opened. Any ideas?

mmm not sure, works fine for me, also in xp

You could always try using mtkflash and a .bin copy of the firmware (see tools sticky).