Convert smr/divx to vcd format?

Does anyone know how to convert smr or divx to vcd.
Ive tried using nero to burn a vcd using "what woman want" (smr format)but nero wont except the avi file.

Any help much appreciated

You need to convert the .AVI file to a VCD compilant .MPG file.

VCD/CDI Compilant MPEG1 Specs:

Audio = 44100 Hz, Stereo, 224 kBit/s

Video = (NTSC) 352x240/29.97 Hz (fps) or
(NTSC film) 352x240/23.976 Hz (fps) or
(PAL) 352x288/25 Hz (fps)

NTSC = USA system standard
PAL = European system standard

A good proggie for doing this is “TMPGEnc”

or “FlasK MPEG”

a very nice site for you to check out is . they have lots of good info there on the subject of divx. for more info on how to create vcds

Thanks for the info guys