Convert RMVB to MPEG-4

Hey Guys!

I’ve been trying to convert my RMVB tiles to MPEG-4 so I can play in on my iPod, but I haven’t had any luck. I’ve been using AVS Video Converter because I thought it usually does decent job, but to fix this problem I would be open to using any other software as well. Whenever I convert, I use a video format of H.264. I’ve tried fps of 29.94 and 23.976 but both have not prevailed. If you have any advice in converting this file format, It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Xvid4PSP has support for RMVB input and has a couple of presets for Ipod mp4 output. You can adjust the settings of course. It is free to download and use, so worth a shot.

Take note of the minimal requirements, which include Microsoft Framework 3.0 (there is a direct link at their site if you don’t already have this installed).

If you try it, I’d appreciate some feedback, as I don’t run into RMVB files.

I installed Microsoft Framework 3.5 because 3.0 wouldn’t install because of errors. Then I installed the program and everything was going smooth. I added the file to the task list and chose the output file type. I started to encode it and it went well with the video but then after waiting for it to encode the audio, it never started… I canceled the operation and now it wont let me close the program because it says its still encoding… Its a great program otherwise and Id definitely use it over AVS but I think i just need to get it configured correctly. Thanks for the post!

So I figured out a way to convert RMVB to MPEG-4 if anyone cares to know for future reference. It was a long process and I wish that mp3 players and video player could play just about any media file but alas they cannot.

A good tutorial can be found at on how to change the RMVB into an AVI. It used a program called EO Video.

With the AVI file, im sure you can imagine what other kind of program to use. You can use anything from Xvid4PSP to AVS. I used Xvid4PSP because it did a really good job.

Hope this helps!

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