Convert region 2 to region 1. NTSC to PAL?

I want to buy the family Guy DVD and burn a copy able to play on any US DVD player, is this possible? It’s only available in region 2 and encoded in PAL. Is it possible to rip it and then burn it chaning it to NTSC and region 1 in the process? Any idea what software would do this?

Dont think thats a legal question buddy.

But use the search function on the top right and you will find all sorts of goodies to help you out as long as you own the original
welcome :smiley: - and read the rules so di Taxman not slap you :smiley:

Not really possible i think. The current rippers only remove the region code (which is about the same).

So i suggest moving your .vob files through some code remover.

Don’t know if this will help but this program is an all in one suite:

Don’t know if it will change the region but can change the format from PAL to NTSC…it’s freeware!!

chrome :slight_smile:

I use a MAC and a software called MAC the Ripper it converts PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL it will create a file you can use in IDVD or Titanium Toast

NINE years later…what is up with you??