Convert Real Video to Avi - "rm2avi"

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The best way I have found to convert Real Media to AVI is use a prog called Snapit 5. You can choose the codec you want to use and sound quality. VCDhelper’s way you will not get any audio. :8

And where is this Snapit for download available?!

Snapit 5 id for Windows Ce only & is a capture utility - not a conversion utility. Tinra as described above works beautifully if you follow the simple directions at VcdHelper. It is flawless. You might be thinking of Snagit - which is still a capture utility that wont capture video that is playing on your monitor - it is not a conversion tool either. Check out TINRA at VcdHelper. It has worked perfect for me!

I stand corrected on my typo. It is snagit 5. Works great.

I don’t reccomend this Tinra crap. I tried it on a 1200mhz thunderbird with 256 megs RAM. It created a avi file 900MB large and was missing all kinds of frames. The RM was only 3 minutes long. Use snagit 5. Quality is alot better. :d

You can get snagit 5 here I’m sure you can find the crack.

Juice: Why did I get a blank screen upon playback of my snagit/Cantasia file? I am at 32bit color & also tried 16 bit color on my screen resolution…I have seen your method in all the forums but could not get the screen to actually “capture”…please advise…

To make Snagit capture Real video you need to go into the Real player at View ->Preferences->Performance and uncheck the Use optimized video box. Works for me.

How very interesting. Thanx CosmicJoker. I like the idea of true conversion but I have to say, the screen capture looked just fine once I took CosmicJokers advice. I suppose both methods serve a purpose. Now let’s see how the screen capture method does ASF to AVI.

re:stvastva Right click on desktop. Click Properties. Settings. Advanced. Performance. Move the slider on the Hardware Acceleration to None. Reboot then try it. I have a VooDoo 5 and it works. :4

Juice: works like a charm - thanx! just wished there was an actual conversion utility for asf to avi for batch processing. screen capture is a real time event - thanx again

So then let me ask Juice & CosmicJoker this: how does one go about converting asf to avi or mpg? Virtualdub & the newest version fo Tmpgenc says it does not support this file - an older Tempgec just freezes at 6% (besides causing a Hasp error before uninstalling Audiotrack). So is the answer once again to use screen capture/Snagit/Camtasia to fiddle with my asf files?

Well I tried TINRA, I got a 1.6GB file. Then I tried to compress it to Divx format. Gave me a 3mb file, but it will not play as a normal vedio. Frozen on the first frame. To watch it I have to move the slider manually:rbig time

Try TMPGEnc. It will convert ASF to Mpg. I use this to get TRUE VCD Format before burning a VCD with Nero. Its believe or not Freeware. :7

stvastva I never had a problem converting asf’s with TMPGEnc. Is the ASF file incomplete? Did you try a different ASF file? Works everytime for me. Also be sure to turn your hardware accelleration back on after using snagit. Install codecs again. Install Media Player again. You are most likely missing a codec.

hmm - so Tmpgenc is using the media player core? Is v6.4 sufficient or should v7.1 be installed? (mp) Does media player v7.1 install some codecs that work better with TMPGenc than the 6.4 version? Are there any special settings within Tmpgenc to set before encoding? Hey - thanx a lot 4 d’info!

I have win98se with media player 6.4 installed.

Oh yeah. I also set the audio to “Dual Channel” in the Audio menu. You might have to do that for Divx or asf conversions.

As far as ASF to AVI If you look around for VirtualDub 1.3c or below that has support for ASF and has batch conversion.