Convert RA. to mp3 programs?



Could someone please tell me where I can find a program that can convert ra (real audio player) to Mp3?????
Could someone also plse inform me which site I can use to put my site freely, and I want to upload that site using ftp so I can transfers all files at once. I have just made a homepage for a company and I used to use before, but I nedd a new site


Well, I’ve looked all over this page (which you should bookmark right away; it rocks) and found a prog called WiseCroft. It’s a RealAudio to WAV converter so it should do the trick! (WAV can be encoded to MP3 afterwords if you like… duh!) :smiley:

Here’s the link for it!


Hmm… take a look here as well. It’s the same question in some way. :slight_smile: