Convert pal to ntsc



hi.i got some pal dvds. how do i convert them tontsc to make copies with dvdfab 3?


Are you in US our outside of US?


i’am in US.


Search Pal to NTSC and you will find information. Some users report sucess using DVDSANTA for this task. You will need to understand what steps to take, and what settings to use. If you search, this has been answered here numerous times, and you will find the info. I don’t do this, so I’m not really familiar with the necessary steps.


You might want to look at this guide at He uses five tools, but the main one is TMPGenc Plus. You can download a 14 day trial of that program if you don’t have it.

The other tools are free, except possibly a dvd authoring program, and you can download a free trial of TMPGenc Author to use for this process as well. There are a couple of free authoring programs available if you want to check them out—GUIforDVDAuthor and DVDAuthorGUI. Look them up at videohelp.

Good luck. Glad I never run into PAL dvds.


download convertXtodvd…it’s fast and quick…for quality…tmpg or canopus