Convert PAL to NTSC then to dvd

Anyone know of any software that can convert PAL to NTSC and then be able to put it on a dvd. :doh:

I like using cinema craft encoder. Plugging a avisynth script into it and converting that way. Seems to get the best quality (at least that I have tried). However it is a pain because not only do you have to convert the frame rates to a ntsc compliant rate, you have to use a frame rate dropdown tool so that the audio is in sync. CCE is somewhat expensive, especially the full version which I think is $1000+, however you can get a limited version which works as well (just can’t do as many encoding passes + a few other limitations) for about $90.

Here are a couple of forums that have some sample avisynth scripts that might help you:

VideoHelp Forum (Pal to NTSC Scripts)
Doom9 Forum (PAL to NTSC)

Here is a guide on cce:
CCE Guide

Plus here is some more guides using various programs:

Pal to NTSC

Hope some of that will help. However just remember that there is never going to be a perfect conversion because of the different framerates. You are better off just getting a dvd player that will allow pal dvd’s (in my opinion).

try dvd santa