Convert Pal Avi to Ntsc Avi

I hope if someone can help me with this unique problem

I own a DVD player that can play avi files via a memory stick and is region free

My TV is NTSC.

I have some files in .avi that are pal and i am unable to watch them on my TV

I was wondering if there is a way to convert PAL AVI files to NTSC AVI files,

I do not wish to convert them into any other format (eg. DVD, MPEG etc)

Please Help.



There are probably several ways to convert an avi pal to ntsc. You could google for a commercial program to do it. You can use virtualdub and avisynth, both the video and audio have to be changed, it’s not a one step process. I’m not a Nero user but doesn’t it have some sort of recode/encode ability? You can try something like Format Factory,, or Super,

Thanks… i will try that and let you know… Cheers