Convert old dvd player to multi-regional


Is there a way to convert an old panasonic dvd player (approx 5 yrs) to read multi-regional or PAL dvds? I have purchased some martial arts dvd that are in PAL from the UK, but my dvd player does not recognize it.

Do I have to buy a new dvd player?


Try “DVD region hacks” in Google (have the make and model number handy!). There are plenty of sites out there, I’ve managed to make a very old LG standalone multi-region.

If you’re feeling lazy :bigsmile:, try here:

Happy Googling!

Edit: If your Panasonic is that old, it may not accept or play properly PAL discs. I think PAL and NTSC etc are a different kettle of fish to region settings (I could be wrong, though). But hey, I guess if you find a region hack for it, all you can do is try it!

hacking your player to region free is one thing, but the pal/ntsc is another. pal and ntsc have different video resolutions, and playback on your set top may not be correct on your tv. i believe if you rip these discs, there is software out there to convert them to the format you prefer.

i want to burn a disc that will play in the usa

Yes, you can safely convert PAL/NTSC

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If you live in US than disc you will produce will play there. If you live in Europe, than you have to produce NTSC disc, unless whoever there is you are sending it to has multisystem player (not usual case).