Convert NTSC to PAL

Hi there, I just ripped Fast and Furious using DVDx2.0 as I usually do but I forgot to look at the format my original disc…NTSC doh!!

With DVDx I ripped it to Mpeg1 VCD PAL, and didn’t realise it wasn’t PAL. Is there anyway I can convert the movie to PAL with TMPGenc, Virtual Dub, etc. Or will I need to rip it again as NTSC and burn it as an NTSC VCD?

Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated.


TMPGENC can encode from NTSC to PAL, although the picture gets a little jumpy in action scenes. There’s program called DVD2AVI that also makes the VOB files compatible with TMPGENC.

I’d recommend making an NTSC VCD as most DVD players can play NTSC. I’ve only ever encountered one DVD player that couldn’t play NTSC discs and that was a Kenwood (from what I remember). If your DVD player can play an NTSC DVD (try it) and it shows fine on your TV, then it should have no problem with NTSC VCDs. Note that some older TVs cannot display NTSC/PAL 60 pictures, in this case, the picture will roll.

Thanks for the advice, just ripped the movie again as NTSC and just want to burn it again. I’m using Nero and just wanted to know if it will try to reconvert to PAL or will it just burn as VCD (remaining as NTSC).

chrome :slight_smile:

When you create a new Video CD on Nero (not using the wizard), it show an option to select NTSC or PAL. If you happen to select a PAL Video CD and try dragging a NTSC MPEG file on it, Nero will warn you that it’s not compatible with the Video CD your’re trying to create. Anyway, Nero shouldn’t re-encode a movie without asking you first.

I once made a non compliant Video CD on Nero using a combination of NTSC and PAL Music Videos and I noticed the Sony DVD player switching from ‘PAL’ to ‘NTSC’ and vice versa between certain music Videos. :wink:

The PAL & NTSC selection option in Nero is for using Nero to encode to VCD, not to burn. If the mpg file is NTSC compliant VCD, then Nero will just simply burn it as a VCD regarless what that option is set at.

Hi there, thanks for the advice. My problem is that I ripped the movie initially with DVDx2.0 as NTSC film and when I try to use Nero to burn the disc(s), it tells me that firstly it is a non compliant format and also that it wishes to re-encode the movie. Tried the option switching from PAL to NTSC in the Wizard, no luck.

I guess I will have to let Nero re-encode.


My suggestion is to leave DVDx and do it properly with DVD2AVI and TMPGEnc. There is a new program (front end) out that uses both these programs to produce some very good quality VCD’s, suggest you give it a try. D/l it from

By the way, getting Nero to re-encode and already encoded non-copliant VCD is not a good move. Unles you like real crappy looking movies and even jerky if you convert the NTSC to PAL.