Convert .ncd image to any other usable format


My friend saved some of his DVD-9 disc into NTI’s .ncd format. Right now i need to extract some of the files inside. The problem is,

  1. NTI CD Maker 7 is only able to burn the .ncd image to a physical disc. I don’t want to waste a few dual layer disc just to get some files back. Further more, the software can’t convert the image into a more usable format like .iso

  2. Daemon Tools doesn’t support .ncd format

  3. PowerISO can’t read multi-part .ncd files. Yes, it just makes matter worst. All of his .ncd image are split into 2GB chunks.

Anyone can save me? I really do not want to waste my DL disc :sad:
Thanks in advance!!!

Maybe UltraISO then?