Convert music files to MP4? or a smaller size wav file?

Hi everyone, not sure if this is the correct board but… does anyone know how to convert WAV, MP3 files to MP4? I have an Sony Ericsson P800 and it plays MP4 and WAV files for ringing tones. But the only problem is, is that WAV files are too big to transfer and, and I can’t find anywhere that will convert MP3 to MP4. So any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


i think MP4 is the same as AAC, try an AAC converter like nero or quicktime and change the extension back to mp4.

How do I get music on my mp4 player?

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Personally, I hate .wav files because I find the sound quality to be horrible, but .mp4 is also finicky because it’s not a universal codec.