Convert MPEG to AVI

Hi everyone:)

I have had a problem with a mpeg of mine and I cannot convert it to AVI (using either DivX or XviD compresion). I have tried AVIsynth and it seems to chug though the file but the resulting AVI is only about 14 megs big (I was expecting about 800) and will not play.
I have looked around and the only other program I have found is AVI to MPEG converter from Dragon Fly Software. This is suppose to be able to convert the other way, but wont work on my computer at all:(
There must be something with the MPEG that I’m not seeing so here’s the specs (curtosey of AVISynth).
Any help would be appreaceated:)

I would just load the MPG file into VirtualDUB, set both Video & Audio to full processing Mode, set Audio compression to MP3, Video Compression to DivX and set a Bitrate of around 800, then hit Save AVI.

Well this was part of the mistery.
I did all that and AVISynth would happily chug away on the mpeg, but the resulting AVI was corrupt (as well as being only about 14MB big).

Xmpeg did the same thing, and all mpeg checkers said that there were no corrupt frames and everything was fine.

I finally used TMPGenc and did a simple re-encode to the same settings as the origional (NTSC film, 29fps ect…). The resulting file was the same except it was 9MB less and now there is no problems with it.

I can only assume that even though all frames were intact there was 9MB of corrupt data that was not read when playing the movie or checking for errors, but confused the hell out of divx and xvid up when trying to encode to AVI .:confused:

Still thanks for your help, it’s allways appreaceated:bow:

Have you run DivFix and DivXRepair on the AVI to check for problems?

I ran DIVFix and it came back saying that the file is corrupt (no big surprise there;) ), but since re-encoding the mpeg with TMPGEnc there are no more problems.
I would lie to know that that 9MB of crap was and how it got into the file in the first place, but I guess that will stay one of life’s little mysteries:)