Convert mpeg PAL to mpeg NTSC?

Hello! I have a major problem and I hope you guys can help me!

I am using Sonic MyDVD to burn DVD+R’s. When I initially made my first DVD, the program told me to be sure to switch to PAL format or my DVD player would not read it. Well, at the time, I didn’t know what I was doing so I said OK. Well, now, what I think the program did was convert all my mpeg’s to PAL format. The reason I think that is because now I’m “smart” enough, or think I am, ha…and know to burn in NTSC cause I live in NY and when I try to do that, the program tells me I can’t cause my files are PAL. Unfortunately, I don’t have a current backup of my files before they were converted. Any idea how to get my files back to normal? Any software that will do it?

Also, just for kicks…I had some mpeg files on an old zip disk that I tried to import into Sonic and it wouldn’t let me. It’s almost as if my computer is set in PAL???

Please help!!!



I dont use Sonic MyDVD but I’m sure there will be a setting in its settup/preferences/etc to tell it to be PAL or NTSC. If your in the US then you defenitely need NTSC. The program may also not be able or smart enough to convert PAL to NTSC anyway, most arent.

PAL to NTSC, not easy, start reading at

Well, I finally figured out my issues! My computer is running in PAL mode! Somebody told me to try out a regular DVD in my computer to see if I was running in PAL mode and vuala! I was! I received an error saying “incorrect system region.” and it brought me to the spot to change it but it did not give me rights to change it. So now I’m stuck! Anyone know how to get around this?

My computer is running in PAL mode!

Huh??? can you explain this better please:eek:

I received an error saying “incorrect system region.”

I think this error is because the DVD reader region is diferent from the dvd you are putting in. If it is, it has got nothing to do with PAL or NTSC…

I’m sorry…I must be using the wrong terminology…I’m new at this…

…the reason why I say PAL is because the DVD software program I am using is Sonic MYDVD and when I first created a DVD, it was in PAL but on accident!!! The program converted EVERYTHING into PAL! At first, I thought my files were all in PAL but the mpeg files I had backed up don’t work either when I try to burn another DVD so it’s impossible for a software program to “infect” even the backed up files so that’s when I started to do research on thinking my computer was running in “pal”. And I only say that cause of my experience with it from the software program. But apparently, it’s the region code from what I’m learning now…that was changed from Sonic. So now I just need to know how to change it back. I know how, but it’s not letting me. I don’t have the admin rights. So I need a work around somehow…from what I’m reading, it’s a sticky situation and other people are saying not to change it unless you’re an engineer??? I’m not even close! But hopefully someone has some insight on how to change it back without me crashing my computer…I was gonna call Dell but then they will tell me it won’t be under warranty if I change it, ugh! I need help! I feel like calling Dell or Sonic and telling them this is their fault that this program did this!

There are some programs that allow you to make your drive region free. Try dvd genie.

What is your dvd writer/reader brand and model?

Thanks alot! Although I was reading dvd genie and it said that it will only support region free drives! RATS! Mine is protected. But there was a link to DVD region free program that I’m gonna download! It will allow me to view DVDs and it will bypass the region code which is great but I still have a problem cause I want to be able to create dvds still…hmmmm! Gotta be something out there for me! I really want to change my code though! It shouldn’t have been changed in the first place…ugh!

Sounds like you need a program like ‘Any DVD’ found at This program will remove the region coding of whichever dvd you insert into your drive making it playable and ripable. (A law came into force (sometime) making a dvd drive lock into a region after 10 times). However this program will effectively unlock your drive for whichever region disc you intend to play. Hope this helps.

AWESOME! I’ll go download it! THANKS!!!:bow: