Convert mpeg, avi, divx files to vcd without losing resolution



Hi everybody… i have these movies which i have downloaded and most of them are either .avi, or mpg or divx rips. i have nero 5.5 which i usually use for burning. the files that i have are of 576x360 or 640x360 resolution. so i when i go into nero and “drag & drop” the files and ask the “wizard” to create a vcd the movies automatically become 352x240. the question that i have is how can i save/burn these movies on to a cdr without losing resolution/quality and also save it in a format that allows me to play these movies back on a dvd player? i tried changing the settings in nero but could not find the option where it allows me to change the default resolution of a vcd. please help. thanks


Take a look at these tutorials.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


You cannot change it. VCD is a standar and the resolution that nero gives you its the default for PAL and the resolution of PAL tv. Convert it to SVCD to gain more resolution but expect a lot of cds needed for a full movie.