Convert MP4 Movies

What is the best software for converting mp4 movies to .avi or mpeg? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thx

mp4 movies are already kind of “avi”.

There is no “best software” to do this.

Just visit as a start.

the only thing i can find to even open and play it is the VLC player. I have imtoo mpeg encoder program, it is suppose to convert it to almost anything you want. But know matter what type of file i try to convert it to, it says fail only have a few seconds. thx

If the correct codecs are installed, any good transcoder should be able to convert these movies.

Try with Nero or TMPGEnc.

Nero want even open them.

Nero recode will.

tried that too, no luck.

Use GSpot and find out what codecs the file really has!

Or use VirtualDub.


Unfortunately none of these apps seem to handle an MP4 file.


A google search of “convert mp4” found this link to Riverpast which may help you.

Hm, weird.

I never had problems converting “.mp4” av files.