Convert mp4 files to mp3

Does anyone know any good programs for converting MP4 files into MP3 files?

Try MediaCoder Audio Edition… it’s free and does the job ok. It’s essentially a batch processing application that can do loads at a time:

I’m assuming your mp4s are audio only,since MP4 [I][B]can[/B][/I] hold both a video and audio stream…So if audio only I would recommend using foobar2000…I’m sure there all ALL-IN ONE tools that can/claim to be able to convert from one format another, however I don’t trust such tools with [I]my[/I] music…Good luck!..:slight_smile:

A big X2 on the Foobar suggestion. If more people would take the time to learn how to use this player they would understand just how good it is at nearly everything concerning digital music!
Conversion, comparison, ABX testing, personal tweaking of the interface, countless DSP add-ons etc…