Convert MP3 to WAV euh



Hello, I’m very new to this stuff: MP3.
I want to burn an mp3 file on a cd and play it in my regular cd player. I’ve got all cdr soft. How do I proceed?


You can use Easy MP3, Audioactive production studio, nero, winamp, and so on to convert MP3’s to wav files. Make sure however that you convert them to high quality (44 KHZ 128 kbps)

After that you can create a audio cd with any burning program.



You can go to and download
Audiocatalyst to convert the mp3’s to
wav’s so you can burn them, i think
that they have a util that does it
for you too, check it out…L8r



If u use Nero all u do is create an audio cd, highlight the mp3’s and drag to the mt cd and nero converts them for u

Hope it helps


Just use winamp everybody has it

Go to output option and choose the diskwriter plugin.

And then burn the wav’s to cd

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Some MP3 files are containing errors and can’t get decoded by Nero or Musicmatch’s Jukebox. When you are getting such problems go for MP3 Decoder of HPL Software (a very easy to use program to decode the whole shit)

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