Convert MP3 and burn to CD to listen in card or home cd player?

Hi all,

What is the best software to do this? I have song MP3 songs and wouldl like to convert them and burn them on CD so I can listen to them on a home CD player or car cd player.

Please help.

There are many programs that will convert MP3 to WAV, like EAC, Winamp,… Then you have to burn these WAV files to a cd. Nero can directly convert MP3 to WAV while burning, but this may cause buffer underruns if you don’t have buffer underrun protection. When you want to use them in a car audio player, check if the media is good, because car audio players are very picky with media.

If you need more information, I suggest our excellent search function, because most of this has been discussed before :wink:

Yes, you can convert to a wav file. But I convert it from “mp3” to “audio” format(you can then listen to the music in any cd player). I use “Mp3 CD Maker”. It works quite well for me. Hope this helps.


use eac! with that you can make your own recordings of anything and put them
on cdrs .mp3 cd maker cannot do that:confused: i recording my kid to cdr
its fun!!:bigsmile: :smiley:

Answer:To convert MP3 songs and brn/copy them to a CD to listen in regular CD plyer: 1) Use blank CD-R disks and not necessarily CD-R/RW (as the latter doesnt seem to wrk for this).

  1. There is this very useful seemingly safe (AVG says) freeware available called “Switch Sound File Converter” which can be obtained from “[B]switch[/B]/” to convert the format from .mp3 to .wav

  2. After installing “Switch Sound Converter” software, follow instructions and drag and drop the .mp3 song file into the box and convert song to .wav, after setting the conversion to .wav format.

  3. Then save the .wav format songs in a folder

  4. Now you can use CD brning/copying software called NERO, NTI or other Audio CD-making software which can be downloaded from online, or your PC could have come with it.

  5. Drag and drop the (just converted) .wav format songs into the CD Brning/copying Software and press COPY to copy the song on a CD-R disk.Wait until the process is completee

  6. Put CD-R disk into regular CD device and you should get ur song listened to

[B]NOTE[/B]1: It is imporTanT that whatever CD brning/copying software you use, that it is set on “Make [U]Audio[/U]CD” setting and not just “Brn/copy” setting

You could be able to get atleast about 17, 4 min-long songs on a regular 700mb CD-R disk. No editing to this disk after use

NOTE2: If using NERO software, it could be possible (but this is uncertainn) to avoid the conversion of .mp3 to .wav and convert .mp3 to .cda format and then copy it on CD-R

hope it helps good