Convert movies to play

:bow: Hi everyone. I’m checking out the website on ConvertXtoDVD. I am seriously looking into buying this product but I looking for some input, to maybe save me some leg work… I am looking online for a program that you can use to convert then burn to dvd format that can be played on most dvd player’s. — re: when burning a cd audio disc, the typical burning program will give you the option to burn it in a format that will be easily read by most cd players. — Does anyone know whether the program called ConvertXtoDVD, is the most complete converting program that is offered for sale to the general public, or is the anything better? if the $$$ does not matter, is there anything that would be a more complete converting & burning program available? :bow:

Well, ConvertXtoDVD is not “the most complete” conversion program, but within its price range it is a very nice program. More expensive programs can output in many more formats than this one.

ConvertXtoDVD’s main competition comes from the free conversion programs that are available, such as AVStoDVD, DVDFlick and FAVC. None of the free ones are as polished, and have limited options in dvd authoring, but they work fairly well.