Convert mic jack to audio jack

Weird question. I don’t have a splitter handy and can’t get one soon but would like to have my laptop to have two audio out jacks… anyone know how this is done or if it’s possible? TIA

Not enough info there. Does your laptop have RCA type outputs (L / R) or a headphone type output (1/8 stereo) ??? If it has both, then you can easily convert your headphone out into a 2nd output by using a 1/8 stereo to RCA L/R cable - Now don’t be lazy and head over to your local Radio Shack (TheSource) or whatever it is called in your area they have all these. If your laptop has one set of connectors then you will have to get a splitter. You cannot convert your MIC input into a line audio output :disagree: The MIC is an INPUT, so unless you too advanced electronics and want to open up your laptop and re-wire your MIC jack to the internal circuitry for audio out then I guess you have no choice m8 :slight_smile:

greg’s right. a mic jack is a line-in jack. you’re not going to get any output from it no matter what kind of splitter you use.

if you want to split then you need to locate the headphone jack or speaker outputs. then you just need a 1/8" to whatever you want to plug into it adapter.

radio shack is good for cheap adapters and converters.