Convert MDI to DOC?


I have accidently saved my important document in word as a MDI file and now i cannot edit it with word. It opens with microsoft imaging program but when i try with word it says choose the right decoding, none of them work, they all give out mumbo jumbo. Is there a way to convert? or get it working with word???


Can’t you rename the file to a DOC extension?
Be sure that you are able to view the extensions of files in Windows Explorer

This is very odd, word should open any format that it can “save as”. Have you tried renamin gthe extension to a .doc and opening it. When you saved it to the wrong file type, did you receive a warning that some characters may not be available later on. If such is the case it may be that you saved it as a different type and now the unicode characters are gone.

When i do that, it sas it needs to install a converter but comes up with an error after half a minute.

What happened was that “microsoft office document image writer” was printer default, a member of my family tried to print it, and it auto saved it as a mdi file, we then lost the original doc file to a harddrive crash and cud only recover the the mdi file.

Anyway it isnt as urgent now, becos that member of the family has redone it in doc.

Thanks anyways

MDI = Microsoft Document Imaging or sumthing similar. yes it’s when u print to that printer, effectively turns into an image.

If you had chosen tiff, you prolly could have OCR’ed it. but you can’t OCR an MDI

Ok mate.