Convert Labeled Media to Manufacturer

I realize that trying to pin manufacturers to brands when it comes to CD and DVD (re-)recordable media is trying to put a pin on a moving target. However, perhaps it would be a good idea to put a “conversion” stickies in the media test forums to point people as to which manufacturer(s) most likely made a certain brand of blank CD’s or DVD’s that are under consideration for purchase?

Kind of like this:

Brand Manufacture(s)
Fuji CD-R TY, Ritek, CMC (rare)


Brand Manu(s)
Fuji CD-R TY (30 packs only), Ritek, CMC(none seen since

(That’s just an example, other than TY, I don’t know who else manufacture’s Fuji branded CD-R’s.)

Its not perfect, but its kind of hard to figure out which manufacturer to check out if all you know is the brand name and you are not willing to take the chance to buy the pack. Checking out all manus is difficult since there are apparently quite a few to check through.

Just a thought.

Consider using the search function, it works quite well. Just search for your brand name and the the manufacturer’s thread pops up.