Convert KVCD to VOB?



I have done about 3 hours of searching all over the internet and can’t find a solution to this problem.

I have a 600mb KVCD movie file that I want to convert to VOB so I can use it in the DVD player. Unfortunately, my home dvd player is 5 years old and doesn’t support KVCD,SVCD,VCD formats.

Is there anyway I can convert this file? I have tried several programs… DVDSanta, Super DVD Creator, VCDEasy, VirtualDUB, and a few others, all of which tell me it’s not a supported format (or something to that effect). I know this file works because I can play it on VLC media player.

Any ideas what I can do ?


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KVCD is an copyrighted movie that you have downloaded from somewhere, that’s fact because you even don’t know how to convert it to dvd format…