Convert jpg files to nero cover designer

hi all ,i got a problem,hopefully you all can trying to print a picture onto a dvd disc i burned how do i do it?please be aware that im a newbie and i need to get it explained in as simple terms as possible thanks

If I understand correctly, you want to print an image onto a printable dvd, isn’t it? If so you need a special printer. Try to do a search on the forum; some users discussed about various models of these printers.

no what i want to do is take a picture in my pictures and copy it onto a dvd label.the peel off kind.what i dont know how to do is move the file to nero cover designer

Allritey! Here ya go, ill try and keep it as simple as possible for ya.

  1. Open Nero Cover Designer (duh)

  2. Choose the type of case you are using, dvd cases, small mini disk cases, slim cases, etc.

  3. At the top toolbar, click [Object], then click [Background Properties].

  4. There is an outlined box that says [Image Source]. In that, click [Image].

  5. Choose the image from the hard drive you want to use.

  6. Choose [OK]

  7. If you are using the dvd stickey label, click the tab at the bottom of the screen(Probably says Disk 1 or something) and change it to view the DVD label. then go through the process again.

if ya need anymore help just pop another message to me or somethin.

well i tried it and it wont print the disc label

can anybody tell me why i cant print the disc label?

What message are you getting when you try to print?

im not getting any message,but when i preview the print it wont preview the disc1 inlay why?