Convert .iso to .mds and .mdf

Is there a way to convert my .iso into .mds and .mdf?

Burn it and then rip with Alcohol?

Or alternatively, MOUNT it with Daemon tools, then rip with Alcohol.

LOL. Seriously why would you want to do this?

UltraISO will convert those image formats in seconds.
The trial version is limited to 300 MB file size.
You will have to purchase the program for handling larger file sizes.

im trying to do this because i borrowed my friends copy of Age of the empires. I have it as a .iso

im trying to mount it and play, but it won’t work.

I have got Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, Starforce Nightmare, SR Stop 7.

And i hide my drives but its still won’t run, and i mounted it, set the drive to Serucom aswell.

Honestly, I don’t know what kind of protection Age of Empires bolsters (Does AoE 3 use Starforce or something?), but Gurm

is right. Why in the nine hells do you want mdf/mds? iso is the easiest format. I have a pathological need to convert every image I have into iso, from mdf to BIN to img. If the iso doesn’t work, the mdf/mds won’t either. If the game employs Starforce, it’s pretty much a done deal anyway.

Because, I saw a CD tutorial, that used .mds and .mdf.

Can you help me make my game work please?

Does the image itself work right?

I don’t know. How do you do that?

Borrowing a friends copy is not the most legal thing to do & this forum avoids anything illegal. Just be careful how you word questions in future.

So lemme get this straight.

You don’t own the original disc? Sorry, we can’t help you.

Plus, as was already stated - if the ISO isn’t working then neither will the MDF/MDS.

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