Convert ISO to IMG


can any one give me a clue please, but please don’t tell me it can’t be done, I would like to convert a 200 MG .ISO image to an .IMG image

can it be done???!!!

I want this to happen because I have a boot CD that can boot
from multiple img files and I want to add this iso image to that
CD so it can be bootable too.

I am also woundering how I could create custom Floppy image
Size files??? I know it can be done because I have seen it

they have a Floppy image file (an empty img image) that goes upto 700 MG

note this link may be too slow.


The only way you can do it is extract the boot info from the utility UltraISO and then you have to modify the startup files from the image to use the A drive…then you can add the files inside the cd to one of those big floppies…

An easier one is to extract the bootimage like above, but extract the files in the ISO to your compilation using the same directory structure…that should work :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply, the method that you have described is exactly what I was already doing, I was hoping for a more of an automated way.

but now I don’t think that it can be done.

1-I used ultraISO and extracted the ISO image boot information to “F.img”, the F.img happend to be 2.880 KB and I was able to
inject some files using winimage but not all the files because the size of the image was too small. [ IS THERE A WAY AROUND THIS]

This way worked just fine, and booted fine too, but without
all the files being placed inside that Floppy image.

the second method I used:-

2-UltraISO–>Tools has a feature to convert .iso to .img, it does convert, but There is still a problem, I used latest bootscriptor and memdisk to read a 30 MG Floppy image file [.img], first of all it took longer time to boot from the image compared the other smaller floppy images I have.

and eventually it wasn’t able to boot anyway, so I am not sure
this was because of the way I converted it or because memdisk
doesn’t support booting from large images??

I am still unable to create a Floppy image .img more than 2.880 KB, so if anyone has any ideas that would be great.


All you gotto do is get one of those images from the link you posted (which fits the max size of the stuff you want to put into the image).

You can open up those images in WinImage, and manipulate them :slight_smile:

Those images have the FreeDOS boot-files on them. So far (what I’ve seen), the only Dos based OSes you can put on those images is MS Dos 7+ and FreeDOS…I have tried both PC-DOS 2000 and MS Dos 6-6.22, and both have failed…

To make those large images boot into your flavor of Dos, you:

  1. You need to have at least an already-made boot-floppy or floppy-image.
  2. You then need WinImage to extract the bootsector from the image ([Image/Boot Sector Properties…/save…] and save it under a .bin name, like Win98SEsect.bin.
  3. copy any files that are definately required to boot a floppy (like, io.sys, and msdos.sys for Win9x/ME) anywhere you want.
  4. Open up the big image downloaded from the site in WinImage, and delete all of the files inside.
  5. go to [Image/boot sector properties…] and open up the boot sector file you made in step 2.
  6. Import those files needed to boot the floppy.
  7. Import any other files you want, and configure it your way :slight_smile:
  8. Done :slight_smile:

Btw, converting the .iso to .img in UltraISO just made it so that CloneCD can burn it…that is it…

Also, you can’t use diskemu or isolinux or memdisk for these types of images inside bootscriptor…you need an addon called “bcdw” – this module loads those large images fine :slight_smile: – search for it in Yahoo…

minion01 , all I have to say to you, you are my Hero, Thanks a lot
I have been trying to accomplish this for like 2 days.

I was not aware of this step at all:

  1. You then need WinImage to extract the bootsector from the image ([Image/Boot Sector Properties…/save…] and save it under a .bin name, like Win98SEsect.bin.

I actually didn’t use Boot Scriptor but used Bootable CD Wizard [bcdw] not as a module but the actual thing, its a great tool and it did boot from my 50 MG image.

just 2 more question please…

after following your exact steps, I have created a 50 MG image using one of them big floppy images, but the actual size of the files inside the image was about 30 MG.

I have tried to use winimage so that it compresses the image and gets rid of empty space but it didn’t work unlink with normal floppy images, so how can I compress that image??? or how can I build a floppy image with the perfect size for my files.

I know this may be a long shot, but I will ask anyway, I’ve learnt now how to raw read a floppy img and how to convert an ISO to .img and boot from that image, but instead of converting an ISO to a .img are there any tools out there to do the same and boot from an .ISO file directly as you would with a .img file.

I don’t want to burn my ISO’s but I 'd rather keep them as compressed ISO images on my CD, use them and even boot from them.

anyway thank you very much for your help.

Hehe – no problem :slight_smile: – glad to help :slight_smile:

If you search all of that narod website you posted about bootdisks, you should find information on how they created the images.

Ya, the tutorial discusses partitioning your hard drivre and all of that, but if you go to the Microsoft website, and search for “Virtual PC” – they have a trialware copy of this program.

It is an AWESOME program!!! – it actually simulates a working computer inside your operating system. It preforms its software-versions of post, shows the bios screen, and then it acts like its own computer. Best part about it, you can create virtual drives (just a file on the hard drive that Virtual PC reads like a drive), so you can mess up those virtual hard drive w/o really doing anything physical to your hard drive :slight_smile: – You can create those boot images without screwing around with your physical partitions :slight_smile:

Secondly, you can actually read an iso image on your computer as a drive in Virtual PC. What is significant about it, is that you can keep making changes to the ISO, save it, and then boot with it inside Virtual PC. It saves the time of burning to a cd-r or cd-rw, and you get instant results of what you did :slight_smile:

#2, I don’t think there is a tool out there that can do it…

minion01 thanks for that, I am already using VMWare its very good too but it will not boot from a Floppy image that is bigger
than the standard size.

Anyway about the floppy image size thing, I have been looking
every where inside that site before and I couldn’t locate the tutorial, the site is too slow and most of it in russian, the translation is not that good. I will keep looking for it.

Thanks once again.

I have found the final answer to my problem

cenatek Ramdisknt will customize my floppy image’s size…


Hehe – thanks :slight_smile: – you helped me out with that :slight_smile:

I have been just using a 200mb image…

Although, I recently found out that I can compress everything on the cd and still have it work…

If you doenload all of FreeDOS (free…lol), and install it, it has a neatto utility called findcd.exe

Now, there are different versions of this program. I like the FreeDOS version cause you can actually specify which file to find to locate the cd drive.

The Win9x/ME version that is on the retail cd’s bootimage only searches for <cd>:\win98\setup.exe – and you can’t change that unless you use a hex editor, search for setup.exe, and override the values (you can’t add any spaces in to make it longer. You delete a letter or add a letter to it, the exe will be ruined). But the FreeDOS version actually has parameters to use :slight_smile:

So I can create a dummy file on the cd called “diskrepr” and have it specifically look for the disk (best thing to do cause you never know if the disk will be used in the 1st, second, or 3rd cdrom drive (If they have like 3 drives)…

Once it searches for the file, there is this batch file that runs and designates the string “%cdrom%” (w/o quotes) as a drive letter :slight_smile:

Then I can use the dosrar program (the one with the blue gui works best – the command-line new version doesn’t like to be read from rom…) to extract programs to a ramdisk created by xmsdisk.exe…

I can use a 160kb disk created with WinImage to save even more space :slight_smile:

Originally posted by minion01

“Virtual PC” – they have a trialware copy of this program.

Microsoft Virtual PC 2004

Also this might come in handy > MaxFormat

findcd.exe sounds good.

Silly me, I 've also found later on the answer from BCDW
for creating Floppy images larger than 2.88mb

they say you can also use one of the following software
to create large floppy images.

Acronis PartitionExpert 2,003
PowerQuest Partition Magic

if you want to see for yourself go to this link and search for the bottom text.

search for:-

How do I create a boot image of any volume (for example, 2.88Mb)?


Hehe – thanks for MaxFormat :slight_smile: – I have been using GR Disk Utility to format disks higher than 1.44, but that program doesn’t like WinXP :frowning: – this one does so that’s cool :slight_smile: