Convert iso movie file to .mov

Hi guys!
I would like to make in Adobe premiere some editing of my fav movies.
So i make with dvd decrypter an iso file out from the original dvd movie.
But then i want to import it in Premiere without burning it in a dvd.
I mean directly from my hard drive…
Is there any way?
Thank you!

You need to have a virtual drive like VirtualCloneDrive.Mount the .iso in the virtual drive ,open ;copy the folder if possible(sometimes you have to copy the files instead).Paste them into a folder on your HD.
This won’t work every time but does most of the time.
Also the files have to already be decrypted before the mount for this to work.

Thanx a lot cholla!
I ll try it and tell you what happens

It works fine!
mount it with daemon tools and then convert it witn Total video converter directly to the hard need to burn a disc.
Thanx a lot cholla!!!

Glad it worked for you .Different software but same result.