Convert ISO DVDs to xvid/avi to save disk space? Or shoud I use x264?

Hello all… I need some help please…

I have been ripping all my DVDs to ISO images so that I can play
them using an WDTV and external USB drive. I strip out everything
except the main movie and the AC3/6 sound track but the ISOs still
tend to be 5GB in size.

I would like to ask which method of converting these ISOs to avi
files using Xvid, x264 (or something else) and would give me a
lossless video movie which is smaller in size than the original ISO.

I won’t bother converting these ISOs if the video isn’t 100% as
good as the ISO version. Basically I just want to save space
without giving up video quality. Can this be done?

Thanks for your help…

It is not possible to convert from dvd video to xvid or H264 without some quality loss in the process. That is just the nature of video conversion. Before you give up though, I suggest doing a test and see if you can actually [B]see[/B] the difference between them. There are many good tools available for this type of conversion, and some of the best ones are free.

Mount the ISO in VirtualClone Drive (or another virtual drive that you prefer) and convert to xvid using the standard settings in AutoGK.
Then try a conversion to H264 in Handbrake, or Ripbot264
Use your eyes for judgment of the quality, not any preconceived ideas about the purity of the original ISO. Movies vary tremendously in quality even from the studios, so you aren’t dealing with a cut and dried standard from them.

FWIW you can load the ISOs directly in AVI DeMux and convert them too.

Thanks for the fast reply. I will probably just keep the movies in ISO format and buy extra 1TB drives.
I am super picky about picture quality so better stick with what I have… Thanks…

Hey olyteddy, I’ve been using AVI Demux for a while and never tried importing an ISO…At least not that I remember, anyway!.Learn something every day…Thanks!.. I [I]was[/I] going to suggest fairuseWizard, which works pretty good as well…
Looks like the OP will be keeping/storing the ISO’s…

Hey olyteddy, I’ve been using AVI Demux for a while and never tried importing an ISO…

I hadn’t either, but I happened to have a video test pattern disk in ISO on my desktop, and a shortcut to AVI DeMux and thought I’d give it a shot…