Convert i00 to video_ts format



I have copied a DVD to my hard drive it came in the following formats MD5 i00 & i01 i would like to put the image to DVD however it is over 6 GB any ideas? (I havnt got the original dvd anymore)


it sounds like you used dvd decrypter to copy the dvd to your hd. What the program did is split the image into smaller sizes because of your hd. If your hd is fat32, it cannot handle file sizes bigger than 2gb. In order to copy the video_ts
folder, get a copy of daemon tools (free) or alcohol 120 and use either one to mount the image. It will create a virtual drive in windows then you will be able to
use dvd shrink to compress the dvd. To mount the image you will have to mount the .mds file.


Just a correction.
The Fat32 limit is 4gb, although even with NTFS DVD Decrypter may still spilt the files like this if the options aren’t set correctly
Otherwise the advise given is spot on.


you are right,I stand corrected


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