Convert Home DVD to PDA

I am new to DVD Fab and I have searched the forum but haven’t found an answer to my question. Can DVD Fab be used to convert a DVD created by a DVD Recorder to PDA format? I have tried to do this but DVD Fab doesn’t seem to handle this type of DVD correctly. It goes through the motions but then doesn’t produce any usable output.

This software may only be suitable for the purpose of handling protected DVDs. If so, then I will stop trying to use it for this purpose.

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

I have used it to take episodes from off-TV recorded DVDs and put them on a single disc without any problems. These were DVDRs not RWs, but others have said they use RWs for the same purpose. What kind of output do you get and how is it unusable?

As you seem to be having trouble, the first thing I would suggest is try to create a movie-only ISO…

If this then works properly, I would the use the ISO to create the PDA format file.

Some details on profiles, etc would also help.

Also just to add…

Check your DVD recorder and manaul – you may have to ‘Finalise’ the disc to make it readabale by other DVD players.

Some of the recorders have an intermeadiate format and will allow playback of discs recordered but to use them on other standalone players you may well need to finalise and then you’ll be able to rip/convert with DVD Fab.

Even when finalised “RW” discs can be re-formatted and reused in the recorders.