Convert HD-DVD to h.264/mkv to burn to dvd-r?

I’ve been able to backup my movies to my hdd successfully, but I’d like to convert it to h.264 format/.mkv the size of a regular dvd-r so I can back it up. Anyone have a clue how to convert the .evo file? Thanks!

Goto, the best site for video encoding on the internet, just maybe not extremely beginner friendly, but then if you have EVO files, I assume you are not that inexperienced a user :slight_smile:

BTW, I hope you know that such a conversion will take a while, even on a modern dual-core PC.

Yeah, I know, but I think it’s worth it, at least for now. I have two PC’s, so I can set one with the job and forget about it till it’s time for the next one. Thanks!

bump any have any new ideas? I can’t find anything anywhere…

I found this thread over at doom9.

And that discussion goes on a while, 82 pages so far.